Students prepare for big summer trips around the world


Photo courtesy of flickr/ChristianJunker

Students take elaborate summer trips around the world.

Izzy McMullen, Staff Writer

To conclude the 2014-15 school year, many students are taking elaborate trips around the world for a big summer hurrah. Many have chosen to travel for weeks on end to various countries for an adventure.

Freshman Ashley Smith is flying out to London with her sister to visit her grandparents and relatives and tour the city.

“I am very excited for this trip and I think it will be very fun. I am going with my grandparents and sister who have already been there before, so they will be able to show me around,” said Smith, who has never been out of the country. “It was my grandparents’ idea to take us because they have always wanted us to go. I also really wanted to see where my family grew up and see what London was really like and I really wanted to meet my relatives.”

Freshman Abbey Green, an experienced traveler, is also taking an exciting trip this summer.

“My family and I are going to Madagascar, which is an island off the eastern coast of Africa. We are hoping to do lots of hiking and hopefully be able to photograph lots of animals,” said Green.

Sophomore Sarah Sabet is venturing just north of the states to Canada for a two-week trip.

“I’m visiting the city of Vancouver and the mountainous areas of Vancouver.  I’m also looking forward to hiking in the mountains and enjoying the beautiful nature British Columbia has to offer,” said Sabet.

These exotic locations have many different sites and attractions for students to visit throughout their journeys.

“We are going there mainly to see the lemurs because Madagascar is the only place in the world that has lemurs. We are expecting to visit the Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park, which holds huge limestone needle structures that stick straight up into the sky. We will also visit Isle St Marie where we will be able to see humpback whales migrating which seems really neat,” said Green.

Sabet, also an explorer, enjoys visiting different countries. In order for her to have an enjoyable vacation, she thinks of it as just a road trip, so she is ‘wowed’ once she gets there. Sabet loves to explore and is always up for a thrilling journey

“I’m keeping my expectations low just because you have to do that before every trip so there’s no chance for disappointment. However, I’ve heard great things about Canada so it’s difficult to keep these expectations low. I’m expecting to learn about Canadian culture and enjoy the beautiful scenery,” said Sabet.

Green, having an adventurous family, will have a lot to do throughout the island of Madagascar.

“I am not really sure what to expect for this trip. Madagascar is very isolated and kind of primitive so it should be interesting to see what things will be like there. My whole family loves animals and we also all really enjoy photography. Madagascar has lots of wildlife and beautiful areas,” said Green.

Sabet’s inspiration for agreeing to visit Canada was from all the pictures and stories she’s heard from relatives living there now.

“I was inspired by pictures my uncle sent of the scenery right outside his house, which is beautiful mountains and green hills. I have also heard so many good things about the city of Vancouver so I’m super excited to have the experience myself,” said Sabet.

Many  see summer as a time for new adventures, and these students are sure to find travel to be a good outlet for the upcoming summer.