Students prepare for summer jobs along with long-awaited benefits of summertime

Students at WJ look to the summer for job opportunities.

Photo courtesy of Flickr/RossTsai

Students at WJ look to the summer for job opportunities.

Izzy McMullen, Staff Writer

WJ students are preparing for the end of school, in addition to getting ready for summer jobs. Over the years, there has been an increase in job opportunities for students wanting to get jobs to earn money or SSL, as they get older and need money for college and other activities.

Freshman Maggie Hickey is becoming a lifeguard at her local pool for the summer, where she will be paid. She spent the winter taking lifeguard training classes before finally passing her test.

“I am working at my pool, Garrett Park [Swimming Pool] this summer for the majority of the summer,” said Hickey.

In addition to life guarding, students are also looking to become counselors at sleep-away and sports camps.

Junior Zoe Sadugor is planning on working at a sleep-away camp for a portion of the summer.

“I am planning on being a counselor at my sleep-away and sailing camp, Camp Seafarer, for nine weeks,” said Sadugor. “I’m excited to finally be a counselor there and get paid for basically having fun.”

Senior Katelyn Danco is going off to college in the fall, but said she wants to make some money before she leaves.

“I’m planning on working at Georgetown Prep soccer camp for four weeks this summer as a counselor for younger kids learning and developing their soccer skills,” said Danco.

Working at a pool all summer has its benefits and disadvantages, but Hickey’s perspective reveals it’s a fun-filled job.

“I get to make my own money which I can benefit from, and at the same time I get to work with all my friends, and get paid for being at the pool; where I am normally anyway,” said Hickey. “It gives me a sense of responsibility and structure, while I still get to have fun doing it.”

Similarly, Sadugor said she is excited for this summer because she loves being at Camp Seafarer and is happy to be getting paid at the same time.

“I’ve been going to Camp Seafarer for 10 years and it’s one of the best places on earth. Everyone there is so friendly and fun to be around and I love helping the younger girls grow through the years,” said Sadugor.

Danco will also be partaking in a job that fits her interests.

“I wanted a fun job and I love soccer so it fit well. I’m hoping to gain some leadership skills, and further my knowledge of the game of soccer while teaching younger kids soccer as well,” said Danco.

Hickey has a lot of her summer already booked with activities, but she believes that life guarding is one of the best ways to spend it.

“I will have less time to just hang out with friends, and have to work around my work schedule, but I spend most of the time at the pool anyway for either swim team or hanging out, so it doesn’t do much to it. The benefits of that are that I will enjoy working because I get to be social and get to stay in the sun so I’m not cooped up inside. The other guards I know very well, so I’ll get to work with a fun group of people,” she said.

These jobs may take up a lot of time during the summer, but these three believe it’s completely worth it.