Club Profile: Psychology Club

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Club Profile: Psychology Club

Leila Siegel, Online Feature Editor

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Many students take AP Psychology. Some may just want to add another AP class to their transcript, but others hold a genuine interest in the topic. The Psychology Club is made up of students with a passion for the subject. 

“I’ve always really had an interest in psychology, but it really resonated sophomore year when I started taking AP Psych,” senior Rachel Nevett said.

Nevett, who is enrolled in psychology courses at Montgomery College, currently serves as vice president of the club.

Club president Ryan Saadeh also holds an interest in the study of the mind, especially after taking the AP Psychology class.

“I thought I was going to be more interested in the biological aspect of it, but I found out that I really love learning about behavioral psychology,” Saadeh said.

The club started only a few years ago, but its officers are trying to make it more active with students than past years.

“We want to start tutoring for psych and reviewing [with students] around AP [tests] season,” Nevett said.

The psychology club also wants to make psychology applicable to students’ lives.

“We also want to really focus on bringing psychology home to teenagers and how it can relate to us in our everyday lives,” Nevett said.

According to Saadeh, the club also wants to hold fundraisers for mental health organizations, and plans on partnering with WJ’s Reaching Out Club, which works to raise awareness about teen mental health issues.

Saadeh believes that students can help improve mental health education through various clubs and programs.

“Students are tackling [the issue of mental health education] head on, be it through the Reaching Out Club, the Sources of Strength program, or the Psych Club,” Saadeh said.

Besides this, the club can be especially useful to students interested  in abnormal psychology.

“I think the psychology club can help foster an interest in studying mental health, for the budding researchers and psychologists out there,” Saadeh said.

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