Girl Up starts up again after hiatus


Photo by Julia Eisen

Girl Up members junior Emma Jean Thomas and sophomore Mallory Laing educate others on the importance of girls education.

Julia Eisen

Montgomery County has been known to be one of the highest rated counties in education. Students who go to WJ are given great opportunities to expand their knowledge and reach their highest potential because of the education that they have been given. Unfortunately, not everyone has been so lucky.

Education, specifically for girls, has been a topic that has been brought to light recently due to efforts from role models such as Malala Yousafzai and Michelle Obama and their 62 million girls initiative.

WJ has had a club for a couple of years now to help the efforts in raising education standards for girls worldwide.

The Girl Up club has had a bit of a hiatus, but now they are back and ready to take on all challenges in order to help others.

Junior Anastasia Kaloshina was the one who decided to start the club up again and is the current president.

“Girl Up is important to [the club] because we think all girls deserve an education and that without it they cannot get out of the poverty and safety issues they already face,” Kaloshina said.

Many members who were a part of the club before are eager to work towards the goal of educating girls around the world.

“We want to have more meetings to educate people about the issues that the club is trying to address and bring more people to the club. Advocating is something we are focusing on,” junior Anna Bruno said.
Fundraising is a huge part of the club.

“This year we’re planning on doing concessions at different sporting events, have restaurant fundraisers and hold a few bake sales later in the year. We are then going to donate everything this year to the UN’s Girl Up campaign,” junior Caroline Gardiner said.

The club meets every other Wednesday in room 147. All other club details can be found on @wj.girlup on Instagram.