Q&A with SGA


Photo by Lydia FitzPatrick

The new SGA keeps the tradition going by creatively decorating their bulletin board. This year’s SGA is bringing new and improved wildcat spirit to the school.

Q: What are you most excited about for this year? Any particular event?

A: Corey Criss: (President)- “I’m looking forward to trying to get everyone involved by going to football games and school events. I want people to remember how lit this year was.”

Karina Lee: (Vice President)- “I am most excited to get to know the school and create an awesome year for the students. It might be our senior year but our goal is to create relationships with the whole student body, and make them feel welcomed. I want this year to be the most spirited year yet, and I want every class to feel included. I am super excited for homecoming and the release of the movie!”

Q: Is the stress/workload more or less or exactly what you expected?

A: Rubin Choi: (Secretary)- “I expected a lot of work and it definitely is, especially with what we each have going on such as sports, college and school work, but we’re being smart about planning, dividing up the work and making schedules that we can all follow.”

Julia Baumel: (Treasurer)- “Being at camp all summer made it a little more stressful because I feel like I missed out on a lot regarding the homecoming movie, but it’s not as bad as I thought, stress wise.”

Q: How do you feel about no nicknames at pep rally?

A: Lee: “I actually am super sad about not having nicknames at pep rallies, but I don’t think it’s the whole point of the pep rally. People will get over it, and we can still have so much fun.”

Baumel: “I feel like nicknames at pep rallies make it more fun and entertaining. I miss it.”

Q: How much money do you think you spend at Party City on spirit alone?

A: Criss: “I spend so much. Last time I went in there, the guys recognized me and asked why I had come in. Him and his buddy call me the party man. This past spirit week was probably a good $70.”

Lee: “I have spent $260 on spirit.”

Choi:“I spend way more than I should be spending.”

Q: Any crazy new ideas this year that no senior class has done in past? New hype ups for student section? New spirits?

A: Criss: “An all senior pep rally is my new idea. I think if we got all seniors together, it would be super lit! Everyone would be hype.”

Choi: “We’re going to try to get volunteers from every class during pep rallies to compete for their class. It will be really nice to see underclassmen just as hyped as the seniors. We also have really fun activities planned throughout the year!”

Baumel: “I think a school wide movie night would be so fun and a good way to get every class involved in events and fundraisers.”