Restaurant Ravers


Sakura japanese steakhouse is a good priced restaurant and show in Germantown, Maryland. There is a vast selection of choices, such as sushi or filet mignon.

When you arrive at the restaurant, the first thing you notice is that the entire restaurant is designed with traditional japanese arts. Also in the lounge room right before the sushi bar, there is a beautiful water fountain.

Be careful when you go  because around dinner time the restaurant will be packed. People come from all walks of life for the “teppanyaki”, derived from the word teppan meaing iron plate, and the “yaki” meaning grill or broiled. Sakura is designed so the specially trained chefs will cook your order in front of you on a iron plate grill displaying tricks from their arsenal that they know how to perform. Some chef will do things like an onion chu-chu-train or flinging uncooked eggs around while others will do a game where the chef tosses bits of cooked shrimp to see if you can catch it in your mouth.

This restaurant is a hit for special occasions like for holidays and birthdays. Freshman Joanne Tsai has gone to Sakura the past five years on her birthday.

“It is one of my favorite restaurants to go to when I want to celebrate something while still being inside of my parents budget,” Tsai said.

Tsai talked about how for her birthday, the restaurant will bring out a mini cake with a candle lit while singing happy birthday to her. She says it is her favorite reason for going to Sakura for her birthdays because it makes her feel really special when everybody celebrates with her.  

Senior Seo Kyung Lee says that she used to go the restaurant with her family to celebrate holidays.

“Their food is really delicious and I love going back there. There are a lot of choices I can make because I don’t like to eat the same thing over and over again. I am able to try something new every time I go there to eat. It is definitely in my top five for favorite restaurants,” Lee said.

Based on the reviews of the students, it seems as if this is a popular destination to go to for big celebrations with the restaurant being made for larger quantities of people. With the cultural nature of this restaurant and the fairly fast service, this seems to be a good place to go for your future dining endeavors.