Students reveal where they eat during lunch

Summer Laird

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“My go-to order is three tacos with white rice, no beans, chicken, tomatoes, lettuce with a side of chips & salsa. I sometimes get a kids meal cause it’s cheap & easy to eat & grab. I usually get build your own taco with white rice, chicken,& tomatoes.”Freshman secretary Nina Katula, 9.

By fourth period the only thing on peoples’ minds is food. Once the bell rings, everyone rushes out of their classrooms trying to be first out for lunch, whether that is at the mall if you have a car or G-square, both popular areas amongst WJ students. G-square has a convenient location, cheap food options and multiple places to choose from. Some restaurants available include Giant, Subway, Flippin Pizza, Chipotle and Poki D.C.

While it is very easy to navigate G-square, there are some tips to know about G-square favorites. First up on the list is Chipotle.

“For real cheap you can get a rice burrito with sour cream for only a dollar. Or you can ask for whatever you like in your burritos or bowls in a small container and ask for a tortilla on the side,” junior Jalen Scott said.

Furthermore, something fast, tasty and known for good deals can be found at Flippin Pizza.

“I would recommend getting the 2 slices with a fountain drink meal since it’s the best deal and you can get it quickly,” senior Ross Katcher said.

Giant is students’ one-stop for everything from wings to sushi. There are also a wide variety of sandwiches and hot meals to choose from. However, for people who do not feel like feasting, they usually run into Giant for a snack or an energy drink at midday to wake up.

“I would recommend to outside parents not to come to G-square between the intervals of 11:12-11:50 and for students to get there early or order online —or just go to Flippin cause it’s quick and easy, but I’m allergic to pizza so I don’t go,” freshman secretary Nina Katula said.

Others also recommend a go-to spot for lunch.

“I recommend that people pick a go-to spot they can go to every day for lunch, and even a quick and easy order for food, because sometimes we don’t have that much time for lunch and its less stressful to have a plan for what they want to do/ eat/go-to for lunch,” junior Alexis Degala said.

Well, that’s it for all the ins and outs of G-square favorites.