Teachers react to student stress


Photo courtesy of Kenji Thuloweit

Teachers should be both demanding and

At one of the most stressful and volatile times of a student’s life, high school teachers are given the crucial task of making sure their students’ anxiety and stress is not met with silence. Of course this is a tremendous task, and results are vary from teacher to teacher.

Some students believe that teachers lack awareness of how busy students are with packed schedules leading to accumulation of work and quizzes, believing teachers give little thought to any possible conflicts that would cause anxiety and stress.

“There are times where I have three to four tests in one day and I feel like teachers don’t think about the amount of unhealthy anxiety that it brings up for me and for my peers,” an anonymous junior said.

On the contrary, there are also students who report that a majority of teachers are actually responsive to students when they grieve about their problems of anxiety and stress to teachers. When approached by students, some teachers have been said to offer adequate solutions to the ongoing issue of anxiety and stress through extending deadlines to simply to just listening to a student.

“A lot of my teachers in the past have been good with extending deadlines when they can tell the class actually needs it, which takes off a lot of stress,” senior Luke Kaleeba said.

Overall the issue presents a mixed bag, as teachers at Walter Johnson do make a clear attempt at calming the nerves of its students, although the problem persists, as not all teachers are making the same strides.

“There are always going to be teachers that are going to be difficult, but I feel the ones that do try outnumber the ones that don’t here,” junior Bealu said.