Is 21 Savage’s arrest justified?


Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

A quickshot of rapper 21 Savage as he performs at one of his many concerts in the US. His recent arrest has brought forward many followers and protests in support of his name.

Recently, the well renowned rapper, 21 Savage, was arrested by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) on Superbowl Sunday. Although he was technically in the US illegally, the beloved rapper’s arrest has been unjust. The basis for the arrest was on a previous felony for gun possession and robbery, but regardless the manner in which he was obtained and treated was inhumane by ICE officials. ICE has known about the rapper’s status since he was about 12 years old, when his green-card expired as a result of gun possession in school. However, since his childhood, Savage has enormously stepped up his character. He even tried to become a legal resident by applying for a U-Visa during 2017. It’s odd that now two years later he is being arrested for no apparent reason (Besides his illegal residency). Despite the fact that he has a qualifying relative living in the United States and that he has fathered three children since being here, he was still unable to rightfully earn the visa.

Rather than straight up arresting Savage without warning, ICE could have apprehended him in a more civil manner in order help finish his process of obtaining a U-Visa. The detainment of the rapper was far too harsh and sudden given the circumstances. He was even placed in solitary confinement for hours. Thankfully, he has been released on bond as of now.

The way in which the situation was handled by  ICE was also inappropriate. It has been reported that officers have said that his whole image as a rapper is false, and that he really doesn’t act like the character that he puts off in his music. This is far beyond what is necessary of these officials. This is an attack at his character and reputation which is completely uncalled for. While ICE claims that he is useless towards society, Savage has actually founded and supported several foundations in the Atlanta area like his Issa Back Too School Drive where he donated school supplies to kids in poverty. Not to mention his successful music career which has arguably inspired thousands of Americans to pursue their own dreams. The attack on his character and well-being is completely unrelated to his citizenship legality.

While I do understand the importance of the crackdown on immigration in the United States, there are more serious issues on which the government should be focused. For this much time to be spent on a single person, especially someone who has contributed so much to his community, just for the fact that he is a big profile name is ridiculous. There is certainly an argument to be made that he deserves to be detained due to the fact that he has overstayed his visa by more than 10 years. However, he has made attempts to become a legal resident of the United States, and easily qualifies for a U-Visa.

The issue has gone viral around the internet. Many memes have been circulating, but it has really drawn the attention away from the real issue at hand. People see this case, and when it happens to a celebrity and they realize the unfairness of ICE treatment. We see this but fail to realize the fact that this is happening to so many other people around the country every day.

Overall, the treatment of 21 Savage has been unfair to his reputation, his family and his fans.