Too much screen time is bad for our mental health

Rachael Wolfson

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Computers were a lifeline last year when in person school was closed due to the pandemic. Applications such as Zoom were very necessary last year, as they contributed to much of the learning and instruction. But now that we’re back to in person school, we should not have to depend as much on computers and screens because of the strain they put on our mental health.

While there are many aspects about computers that are very helpful for school, we shouldn’t rely on computers for everything when they aren’t necessary. For instance, computers can be very helpful for writing long essays or creating presentations but they aren’t needed for reading long passages or constantly submitting assignments that could be issued by paper.

It is draining for students to stare at a computer for long periods of time. It can result in various mental health issues. According to the Ministry of Human Resource Development, excessive time on screens can lead to low emotional stability, which puts people at a higher risk of depression and anxiety.

Studies have also shown that more time spent on screens lowers physical activity and increases the risk of a lesser well-being among young children and adolescents.

In particular, excessive work on the computers greatly affects younger children in elementary school. Research has shown that too much exposure to screens at a young age can lead to developmental delays in various areas, such as language acquisition, communication skills as well as social skills.

Sure, computers can make our lives a lot easier by getting things done faster, but in the long run computers put a lot of stress on our lives, which end up hurting us mentally.

Tasks don’t always need to be done on computers. Little things such as more distribution of paper assignments, encouraging students to take notes on paper rather than on the computer, or watching less videos in class can be implemented to limit time spent on screens during school. All of these factors can make a big difference in our well-being and mental health.