Year round school would give you a break


Though there is a common misconception that summer vacation is due to farmers needing help to harvest, summer vacation is actually because of the lack of air conditioning when people would travel to the colder places during the summer months. Since air conditioning has become a common thing in almost every school, it would make sense to keep schools open. School should be open year round in order to better retain information and keep students engaged in learning while taking shorter breaks throughout the year.

Over the last school year we had asynchronous Wednesdays that gave students the opportunity to catch up on homework and to have a brain break during the middle of the week. The other advantages of having Wednesdays off were that students could ask for more help in a subject or to help prepare for a quiz or test.

Burnout is something that almost everyone experiences, especially during high school. With smaller breaks every couple of weeks, students and staff will be guarded for burnout and the feeling of being overwhelmed that comes with school. More frequent, shorter breaks allow students to take time for themselves and to take care of their own mental health. School doesn’t usually allow students to take time off for their mental health and this gives them an opportunity.

When you have more breaks over the year it allows parents to plan vacations at less busy times during the year. This is an appeal of year-round school for parents to support, but it also gives students more opportunities to spend time with their friends or on a job. The advantage of also remembering content that you learned in the last year is a large advantage to having school year round.

We all have had the same experience of forgetting the math that we learned in the previous year and the teacher calls on you and your brain just stops working. Year long school would solve this problem.

— Jael Smith

To end, year-round school gives students many advantages and opportunities to learn to take care of themselves and stay in a healthy mindset.