Handball cut from fall sports roster

A.J. Frattarelli

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Handball cut from fall sports roster

Photo courtesy of Lifetouch

Handball will not be a fall sport at WJ for the 2019-20 school year as the team could not find enough players to complete a full roster and former coach Kimberley Reif could no longer coach due to other responsibilities. Three players from last years team graduated and not enough students wanted to play.

Reif has taken on new responsibilities: she’s joined the leadership team and Minority Scholars Program. She has also lost interest in the sport due to students also losing interest.

“I didn’t have the time this year because of other things I have taken on and also the students didn’t show much interest,” Reif said.

Senior Aiden Hihn said he was disappointed to see this sport come off the fall sport list.
“It makes me sad because I have played the past two years and I was really excited for my senior season,” Hihn said.

Sophomore Nehi Pathak played handball last year but does not see the sport returning to WJ as she thinks students do not care about the sport.

“I do not see it coming back because last year we had a very small team compared to other teams and most people are interested in other sports like football and soccer,” Pathak said.