Lucas Boiteux sprints to the finish line; wins states and moves on nationals


Photo courtesy of Lucas Boiteux

Senior Lucas Boiteux races for the finish line in the 4x100m event at the 2021 Outdoor Nationals at Hayward Field. Boiteux and his relay members finished in 11th place for this event.

Senior Lucas Boiteux, national 4x100m and 4x200m runner, gets up at 6:00 a.m. every morning to prepare for a long day of academics and athletics. Boiteux’s main fuel is granola bars throughout the day..

Boiteux has always been the athletic one in his family, having played football since he was in 6th grade and coming into highschool finding his way to track. Boiteux knew when he first started playing football that he’d want to play in high school, and maybe even college.

WJ track alum Arun Sen was the reason for Boiteux joining the track team. They played football together for WJ and Sen knew that because of Lucas’s speed he would excel in track.

Sen, Boiteux, and others ended up becoming state champions with the events 4x100m, and 4x200m in spring of 2021.

“I never expected to be a state champ, but it is nice seeing all the hard work pay off in front of our own eyes,” Boiteux said.

Being the fourth leg/anchor in the relays means being slow is not an option. Boiteux is able to finish races extremely fast without having to worry about handing off the baton to any other relay member. Relays like 4x100m and 4x200m don’t ever rely on one relay member, all 4 relay runners have to do well, if one fails, it’s at the cost of the whole team.

When asked if Boiteux ever feels relied on by other relay members, he quickly includes that all positions are equally important, but acknowledges the stress of running last.

“Making sure you work everyday and not limiting yourself while working out so you can push yourself to be better,” said senior Lucas Boiteux.

Boiteux follows in the footsteps of Sen, due to him being one of the main role models who helped Boiteux push himself to become better and grow as an athlete and a runner.

Boiteux is now captain of the track team just like Sen was.

“He is a hard working role model for many as he pushes his teammates to excel in their respected events,” junior Kiran Sen said.