Butch Worden hosts his first annual house party


Photo courtesy of Cairo Gossip

An inside look at Worden’s eccentric function.

To celebrate his recent retirement, Butch Worden hosted his first annual house party. Worden has a mansion with a pool, movie theater, and basketball court. Students, staff and alumni were welcomed to attend the house party, and unexpectedly a great number showed up.

Worden’s sons, Pearse and Seamus, who attend WJ helped Worden spread the word around WJ and to former staff and students who once had Worden as their P.E. teacher. Rumor has it that Worden has a garage full of DMC DeLoreans.

“Dude, the party was so fun, I actually hope he hosts again. His garage was also full of the back-to-the-future cars,” junior Shane Moreland said.

In order to prepare for feeding an unknown number of guests, Worden and his wife ordered catering from different food places around Bethesda. The food places included Taco Bell, Qdoba, Gregorio’s, and more.

“I threw up after trying the food from all the different restaurants he had, the doctor said I might have food poisoning but it was definitely all worth it,” senior Daniela Salas said.

With all the fuss about how great the party was, everyone failed to mention the mess that was left throughout the mansion grounds.

“I don’t think my wife will ever let me host again after the days we spent cleaning, I’ve been sleeping on the couch since. We’re just going to have to do it again when she goes to Dubai in the summer,” Worden said.

Worden’s first and last annual party was a memorable experience to never forget, if you weren’t there, you for sure missed out.