The website made for college applicants in the waiting process


October has been a chaotic month for high school seniors applying to college for the November 1 priority deadline. On top of that, students also have additional early and regular action applications due November, December and January. The worst part is, the seniors have only jumped the first hurdle. As if the essay writing, supplements and applications weren’t enough, there’s still the next step which is considered to be even worse: the long wait.

The day that students hear back, or when colleges send their admission letters, differ for each college. Regardless, many of the November 1 decisions are sent towards the end of January and even later than that, leaving applicants a dreaded three months before hearing back. WJ senior Justin Hughes is one among many that bears the suspense.

“It makes me quite nervous to know that I️ won’t know what college I’ll be going to until May. When that day comes, I’ll be excited, but until then, I’ll be waiting anxiously,” Hughes said.

Hughes was referring to National Decision Day, the day in May where students will make the final decision of the college of their choosing. Hughes has a lot on his plate before the big day. Luckily for Hughes and other seniors in the waiting process, there is a website which has been deemed very useful. That site is

This website is a popular forum which contains answers to many questions students or parents may have about college, the application process, gap years and many other areas. The site also has subforums for individual colleges where news and updates on these schools are talked about. With this, users can discuss various topics with one another such as how likely one is to get in based on their performance, what majors in that college are really like, hard decisions and situations previous freshmen dealt with in this process, etc. The best part is, anyone can create an account and ask away with their specific questions. There are thousands of other students who might be in your shoes, with similar concerns and questions.

As seniors still have academic work to focus on, it still wouldn’t hurt to give this website a quick peek every few days and read a subforum of interest. There’s useful information to be taken from parents, college workers, current college students as well as high school students in the application process.

Ideally, this website could definitely take some strain off of the wait by reading what others have to say, especially those who have information that may be deemed very useful for others.