Disney teases new movie Christopher Robin


Disney plans to release “Christopher Robin” on August 3. The trailer released on March 6 got fans of the “Winnie the Pooh” series excited for the upcoming movie. Photo courtesy of Disney Wiki.

After the release of the emotional trailer on March 6, many Winnie the Pooh fans are waiting in anticipation for the release of the new movie Christopher Robin, which follows the life of Pooh’s old friend Christopher Robin in his adult life.

The trailer begins with Robin facing some problems balancing his work and family life. He walks out into a park and sits on a bench, wondering out loud what he should do about his problems. The audience is then put into suspense, eventually revealing Pooh, who responds to Robin in the voice we know and love with a single sentence, “What to do indeed?” Robin recognizes the voice in an instant, and is shocked to see his childhood friend after so many years. He believes he’s gone crazy, but Pooh reminds him that this is very much real. The trailer doesn’t give us much about the movie, but it’s a very touching video that gives its watchers a little touch of nostalgia.

Junior Maddie Osterman loved the trailer as it made her think back to her childhood. Osterman is excited to see the movie when it comes out this summer.

“Yes, of course [I’m going to see the movie]! It’s so nostalgic and at first I was like ‘ok I can get down with this’ and then I saw Winnie the Pooh and I freaked out,” Osterman said.

Christopher Robin is directed by Marc Forster, who’s directed films like World War Z and Quantum of Solace. Adult Christopher Robin will be played by actor Ewan McGregor, who has starred in films like Beauty and the Beast as Lumiere and the Star Wars films as Obi-Wan Kenobi. The film is expected to feature all of Christopher Robin’s old friends like Piglet, Eeyore, Kanga, Owl, Rabbit and everyone’s favorite tiger, Tigger.

Senior Yuxiang Lai expects that the film is going to have a different vibe than the previous Winnie the Pooh books and movies. Lai watched the show as a kid, but thinks that this film is going to have a different approach from the happy-go-lucky series we love.

“It’s definitely not going to be as childish as the original versions, I assume it’s going to be relatively more serious, not in plot, but in character. They will probably keep their old personalities but it will be more fleshed out than Tigger jumping,” Lai said.

Christopher Robin comes out this summer on August 3. As this was only the first trailer to be released, we should expect some heart-warming sneak peaks to the movie soon. Osterman and Lai, as well as many other students at WJ, are excited to join Pooh and his friends in a new installment of the beloved series. Whether it be in the real world or the Hundred Acre Wood, this new movie is ready to make us feel some nostalgia.