Avengers: Infinity War review


Avengers: Infinity War was released April 27, 2018. The movie is close to grossing $2 billion. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.


The wait is finally over. Avengers: Infinity War is in theaters now and Marvel superfans are more excited than ever. The film has already made over one billion dollars in the box office, setting major records as it’s the fastest film to gross a billion dollars in history. The film includes everyone’s favorite Marvel superheroes including the Avengers (except for Hawkeye), the Guardians of the Galaxy, Black Panther, Spider-man, Doctor Strange and so many more.

Despite having so many plotlines and characters, the film handles itself very well and is able to navigate all the storylines while keeping the audience interested. The film did a great job of having the very different characters interact with each other in ways you wouldn’t initially expect. For example, having Thor and Peter Quill’s egos clash during the scene of them imitating each other was certainly not something you would expect to see in this movie, but it was definitely enjoyable.

The humor of this movie was exceptional. Even in what seemed like the most dire situations, the characters were able to connect with the audience and get them to belly laugh. Thanos was on his way to Earth in his quest to get all of the Infinity Stones, but Tony Stark and Doctor Strange still had time to talk about Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.

What was moving about this movie was the complexities of Thanos’ character. While I hated him as much as everyone else by the end of this movie, I appreciated how three dimensional they made his character. He didn’t want to wipe out half of the universe because he wanted power, his motives, while corrupt, were to do what was best for the world, even if it 100% was not the right thing. His love for Gamora was felt throughout the movie and the audience was able to feel his pain for the remainder of the movie when he killed her.

Speaking of death, it was upsetting to see Loki killed, especially so early in the movie. His death ultimately seemed very out of character. The God of Mischief just wasn’t mischievous in his final minutes. He pledged his allegiance to Thanos, and was planning on stabbing him with a knife, but if anything, this was the dumbest thing he could’ve done. Thanos had two infinity stones at this point, and Loki thought the best plan was to stab him with a measly knife? Where’s the Loki we all knew and loved? At the end of the day, Loki’s death was really unsatisfying and I’m devastated to see him go.

As for the deaths in the rest of the movie, fans shouldn’t be worried about characters like T’Challa, Bucky, or Groot. I’m almost positive they will be back. Black Panther was such a success in the box office I doubt they would kill off T’Challa so soon before they can make more sequels. As for the others, I have a feeling they’ll return. They can’t kill off half the Guardians in one movie, right? To see these characters gone with the snap of Thanos’ fingers was such an emotional moment, something that this movie had lots of.

This movie was an emotional rollercoaster for Marvel superfans and normal audience members alike. What did you think of Avengers: Infinity War? Comment down below!