Hidden gems on Netflix

Netflix has become one of the leading streaming services since its launch in 1998.

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Netflix has become one of the leading streaming services since its launch in 1998.

There’s nothing better than the satisfaction of finishing a series or a movie and deciding what to watch next. With Netflix’s wide variety of original shows and classic movies, there’s an almost endless pool of entertainment to choose from. But before you start scrolling through what’s trending or decide to rewatch that show again, you might want to try some of these hidden gems on Netflix.

One of Netflix’s most popular foreign dramas lacks recognition among a wider audience. The Spanish-language TV show follows three students who attend Las Encinas, the most prestigious school in Spain, on a scholarship after their previous school collapses. The show incorporates murder, along with drama, romances and much more in what has turned out to be a gripping teen based triller.
“Elite is really good, I love the characters and friendships developed throughout the show,” sophomore Sophia Molina said.

Men in Black II
While the first movie isn’t on Netflix, the sequel to the classic franchise is currently available. Men in Black II follows the events of the first movie five years after as the agents face their biggest threat yet.
“Everyone should watch the Men in Black movies on Netflix, it’s been one of my favorite classic movies. I love the action and just everything in it, it’s really good,” sophmore Sara Susa said.

Santa Clara Diet
The Netflix original comedy-horror series, Santa Clara Diet, follows a family living in, you guessed it, Santa Clara, where the mother, played by Drew Barrymore, goes through a dramatic transformation and ends up turning into a zombie. The series follows their family and their trials with her new life.
“I watched the first season of Santa Clara. It was really funny, I definitely recommend,” Susa said.

Based on a New York Times best seller with the same name, You is an American thriller following a bookstore clerk and his infatuation with a woman, that takes an ugly turn. You provides commentary on the dangers of social media without being in your face. You first premiered on Lifetime but after low ratings, was cancelled and shortly after picked up by Netflix.
Whether you’re looking for a show to binge watch or a movie to watch, Netflix has a plethora of things to watch and enjoy beyond the trending list.