How to stay active during coronavacation


Photo courtesy of USA Today.

Going on a run is one of the many exercises that people can do to stay active during the coronavirus outbreak.

It’s hard to stay active while staying at home. With sports practices canceled, gyms closed, and the situation outside only worsening, the COVID-19 quarantine is the perfect opportunity to slack off and get lazy. And while it’s definitely very important right now to use this time off school to sleep in and relax, it’s also just as important, if not more, to stay active and keep exercising, since exercise has been proven to boost people’s immunity.

Of course, planning on exercising is only half the battle. Actually getting out of bed each morning and forcing yourself to go on a run or do a couple sit-ups is an entirely different, and far more difficult feat. However, all you really need, other than the right mindset, is some strong motivation. Personally, I’ve begun writing down everything that I do everyday during this quarantine, so that I can look back and either feel proud, or feel disappointed in myself enough to want to make the next day more productive. I’ve found that by writing down what I do, I’m holding myself more accountable for my actions, and am therefore more likely to work harder to achieve whatever goals I have for any given day.

Running or Jogging
Cardio is one of the best ways to stay in shape. Running or jogging a few times each week will strengthen your muscles and help you develop stronger breath control. Additionally, it’s a great reason to get outside of the house, especially now, since the weather outside is nice and you can’t really go anywhere else anyway. I run three times a week, and while it might not be my favorite activity, it allows me some alone time away from my family, which is particularly good now because at all other times I’m stuck inside the house with them. If running or jogging seems a bit too difficult, even walking around the block will help you stay in shape and healthy. Just make sure to keep six feet away from anyone else who might also be outside.

Another great outdoor activity is hiking, and depending on which trail you pick and what time you go at, you’ll probably be able to avoid the crowd and stay safe. Last week my uncle and I hiked the Billy Goat Trail A at around 9:30 AMam, and were pretty much alone most of the time. Cabin John has some great trails, as does Rock Creek Park, so if you pick your time well, you’ll be able to get some relatively easy exercise, fresh air and alone time all at once.

Planks, Mountain Climbers and Crunches
These exercises, among other forms of strength training, are great for people who don’t want to leave the house. All three will help you strengthen your muscles without needing any fancy equipment or gym membership. However, if you do want some fresh air while exercising, you can do like my neighbors, who take yoga mats outside and work out in their front yard. Either way, you’ll still be staying active, and thus, staying healthy.

These are only a few of the many exercises that you can do to strengthen your stronger immune system during the quarantine. However, building immunity is not the only result of workouts. According to the Mayo Clinic, they can also improve your mood and reduce anxiety, which, given the current situation, everyone has a lot of. The bottom line is that exercise is good for you, and, with all this extra free time, there’s no harm in giving it a try.