Actor John Krasinski delivers Some Good News

Danis Cammett

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Courtesy of SGN

Actor John Krasinski hosts SGN every Sunday and publishes his episodes on the SGN YouTube channel

John Krasinski’s Some Good News (SGN) is an entertaining comedy news show committed to bringing “some good news” to the lives of all who are struggling through the COVID-19 epidemic. The series features light-hearted comedy that will consistently bring a smile to your face. Throughout the episode, Krasinski brings cheer to his audiences by reporting on good deeds committed by people around the world.

SGN started on March 29 with an introduction video on Youtube, featuring a video call between John Krasinski and former “The Office” cast member Steve Carrell. SGN airs its episodes every Sunday on their youtube channel.

My personal favorite episode of SGN was episode two, when Krasinski invited the entire Hamilton cast on Zoom to sing to a girl who was unable to see the performance on Broadway due to the virus. It is an understatement to say that this show brightens the day of all its viewers.

Junior Danielle Nevett shared her satisfaction with SGN.

“It’s a really cute show and it keeps me entertained during the quarantine. Also, John Krasinski is amazing,” Nevett said.

Junior Bode Ramsay said SGN provides people with positivity.

“I know way too many people who watch the news often and get all the negativity about the situation, it’s good to have some positivity. I think it’s a really funny and good show,” Ramsay said.

SGN is dedicated to highlighting the goodness in humans, on many occasions, Krasinski’s shows tapes of random acts of kindness in order to further brighten up a viewer’s day. Along with highlighting good deeds, SGN performs them as well.

On Friday, April 17, SGN conducted a live-streamed prom for all the seniors who will be missing the milestone due to stay at home orders.

There is no doubt that SGN brings a smile to all of its viewers and many hope Krasinski continues his series in order to shine a light on bad days.