The Hair Dye Diaries: Ep 1

The Hair Dye Diaries: Ep1

Everyone dreads going to school the day after a bad haircut, but with the virus eliminating all human interaction, quarantine is the perfect time to take risks when it comes to your hair.
I conducted a poll on the @wjsga_20 Instagram account asking if anyone had dyed or shaved their head. I received 142 responses: 14% said yes and 86% said no. Throughout this series, I will be spotlighting some of those daring people and asking them about their new look. Today’s Spotlight is senior Holly Darby who recently dyed her hair blue and later dyed it pink.
Q: What made you decide to dye your hair?
A: I dyed my hair pink awhile back (featured on humans of WJ) and I missed it so I figured being at home was a great opportunity to do a new color.
Q: Do you regret it or love it?
A: I regretted the blue so much that I went to four different stores to get a color remover, but the remover didn’t work so then I was upset. But I’m very happy with the pink so I love that color.
Q: Do you feel like you have a different persona with your new hair color?
A: I definitely think I give off a different person based on how I look, but no I haven’t changed as an individual.
Q: Was it hard to do?
A: It’s really easy to do, aside from getting dye on your floor and your towels and your forehead, lol.

Make sure to check out next week’s episode where we’ll debut junior Aidan Smith’s new blonde look.