Dear seniors: close out the year but not your dreams


Maram Faragallah

Photo illustration by: Maram Faragallah Cheering at a green-out football game, little did the class of 2020 know that their senior year would be put tinto jeopardy.

If you had asked me last year what my plans were for 2020, I would have told you how excited I was to hop off a bus from Disney World, step out in a beautiful prom dress and throw a green cap into the air, posing with my diploma.

However, thanks to the novel pandemic, everything is up in the air, and I, as well as the rest of the senior class, now live behind a wall of uncertainty.

The coronavirus has jeopardized days we’ve waited for our whole lives. Instagram stories filled with college commitment choices no longer seem to have much value.
Due to current events, some seniors are having to rely on more convenient college choices for safety and security. Strict travel and curfew bans, which few people disregard, have stopped the visiting of potential dream schools. I hope losing a bit of freedom has made it more important to appreciate what we have, but not all hope is lost. The end of the pre-quarantine era should not in any way signify the end of our aspirations. As we put school and career on hold, more time is given to pursuing hobbies. Nowadays we live in a new virtual reality on video chat platforms.
In my perspective, necessity is the mother of invention, and there is not another time like now for people to come together. As much as we miss the past, it is unnecessary to dwell on it.

No one should feel like all of their hard work has gone to waste. There is nothing better than maintaining yourself, especially when all you can lean back on is your health, particularly in the midst of illness chaos. Some examples transforming your overall well-being include cooking, sewing, exercising, or learning a new language.

Although the county is trying to tie the ends for a prom and graduation, it is still rather painful. My heart aches for those who have lost and sacrificed themselves for others during this time. The whole wait-a-little and see approach has done nothing but cause unfortunate ruination.

Thankfully, entertainment is still available to offer laughs and smiles during this tough time of undeserved closure. The potential key is to remain optimistic towards the future while our first responders are taxed out with the present. Class of Quarantine forever.