Best restaurants in the area that offer covid-safe takeout

Sloane Morra

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Photo courtesy of Flickr

During these times, it is not only important that the food we choose to purchase taste good, but also that there are covid-safe pickup options. These three restaurants are examples of great restaurants with sanitary take out practices.

It’s safe to say that sit-down dining has become a lot more complicated this past year. With covid looming, dining inside restaurants can cause a lot of anxieties, due to the obvious inability to wear a mask while eating. Nevertheless, many restaurants in the area are now offering a variety of options for taking out food. This way, customers can enjoy meals from some of the best restaurants in the area without the underlying fear of catching covid.

Joe and the Juice is one of the easiest and quickest take out restaurants in the area. Not only is their food delicious and customizable, but orders can easily be placed by downloading the Joe and the Juice app. After downloading the app, students can mobile order food to one of the Joe and the Juice locations and select pick up time as well. Once ordered, the food is left on a rack inside of the restaurant for customers to just walk in and pick up. The transaction is completely contactless. Joe and the Juice offer sandwiches, juices, shakes and so much more. My personal favorite order is the Joe’s Club on gluten-free bread. The Joe’s Club has chicken, avocado, tomato and pesto. With the newly implemented 75 minute lunch, Joe and the Juice is my go-to for when I feel like eating out.

The next restaurant is the hidden takeout gem in North Bethesda: Kusshi Sushi, a quick and delicious option for Japanese cuisine in Pike and Rose. They allow mobile order online or call in for takeout. The food can usually be made in about 20 minutes depending on the size of your order. They offer not only sushi but also Teriyaki meals and a variety of soups, salads and appetizers. This restaurant is a favorite dinner spot of mine, and I love that it is so fast yet such great quality food. This spot has a variety of different options, which makes it the perfect takeout spot to enjoy Japanese food with friends and family.

The Grilled Oyster is located in the Cabin John Shopping Center. My family and I discovered this restaurant a few years ago, and to be honest, when it first opened we were not fans due to the small menu and lack of different options. Nevertheless, they have completely revamped their menu, and The Grilled Oyster is the ideal spot to enjoy some classic Maryland cooking. Their menu has everything from crab cakes sandwiches and ahi tuna bowls to creamy tomato lobster pasta and rosemary chicken. They also are currently offering contactless curbside pickup.

We may be living through a global pandemic, but that does not mean we cannot safely enjoy delicious food. These three restaurants are all offering contactless curbside pickup and carry out to ensure that you feel comfortable and that you are taking necessary precautions to keep yourself healthy.