The class of 2021 is already committed

Ellie Eastep

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Photo courtesy of Jane Umhofer

Lights, camera, action! Senior Jane Umhofer smiles as her picture is taken. She committed to the University of Illinois to continue her swimming passion. “I am super excited to join a great group of ladies,” Umhofer said.

Seniors are starting to make thrilling, independent decisions for their future plans beyond high school. These upperclassmen have been working very hard on college applications and the deadline for regular decision college submissions is coming quickly. Students who applied for regular decision will hear back most likely in the spring. However, students who were accepted through the Early Decision pool have already committed.

Senior Zach Wheeden recently committed to University of Virginia through the Early Decision process.

“I committed December 11, 2020. I chose UVA because of its beautiful campus, great reputation and because I could really picture myself being happy there,” Wheeden said.

Early Action results, specifically those who applied early on in the school year, are starting to come out for students as well, which means many have college decisions to think about.

Other students have committed due to their academic or sporting abilities. Senior Sloane Morra committed to the University of Southern California in December of her junior year for tennis.

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“Receiving an offer from USC was very exciting! I am grateful to get an opportunity to play for the team starting in the fall. I chose USC because of the great team atmosphere, tennis program, the academics and the campus,” Morra said.

In addition to committing to a sports team, senior Jane Umhofer committed to The University of Illinois for swimming this past summer before her senior year.

“I committed August 2020. I chose Illinois because of the high expectations that will challenge me throughout my time in college,” Umhofer said.

With coronavirus affecting this process, it is very hard for people to apply to colleges without seeing the campus. Many students have been taking virtual tours or attending online information sessions for various schools. Many students are stressed because committing to a school without going to see it in person is hard.

Senior Jacob Dincin is waiting to hear back from other schools and trying to visit the campuses of a few schools before he commits.

“This process is so stressful. I think I’ll be happy wherever I go but it will be hard to commit because I have only been able to take a tour of two schools,” Dincin said.

Some students in the class of 2021 will only find out where they will be attending next year by May, so these individuals have a lot more time to figure everything out.

This is a very exciting time of year for all seniors. These students are about to take on the next chapter of their life whether it is college, trading school, traveling or getting a job. All students will be filled with a great change and it is thrilling to see what journey everyone decides to take.