Bucket list ideas for relaxation this summer


WJ students get ready for summer but find themselves wanting to relax more than any summer before. They have thought of some ideas and are planning on having a summer full of tranquility.

After not being able to have a full summer last year due to COVID-19, teenagers are seeking ways to unwind, de-stress and make this summer the best it can be.

The first wave of COVID-19 has taken a toll on a lot of teenagers. The most important thing to remember is to take time to relax this summer after a year that will most definitely go down in history. So, here are just a few unique activities to add to your summer bucket list.

First is the activity that always goes on a bucket list but never gets done, and that is to read more. It can be hard to jump into it especially if you are not a big reader but there are many ways to get started. With reading, start with some magazines or some columns in the newspaper that fits your taste, such as Vogue magazine or The Washington Post. From there, find a topic or genre that interests you the most, such as teenage coming-of-age novels. It is really all about what you want to get out of reading that book, so don’t waste your time reading things you are not interested in.

If you have a summer job, it is always a good idea to find time to spend with yourself, friends and family just to relax. Some options are going out to brunch, having a picnic with your friends or doing an outdoor movie night. These activities are enjoyable and don’t require indoor activities to ensure maximum COVID-19 safety. If you and your friends are fully vaccinated, doing a backyard camping sleepover is definitely one of the best ways to relax and enjoy time with your friends.

Sometimes it can be difficult to put things on your bucket list that are actually achievable, WJ students Josephine Meriot and Raquel Daley have some ideas for activities that are easier to check off.

“I have a summer job as a camp counselor this summer which will take a lot of time out of my summer but there are still things that I would like to do such as, riding my bike more, trying some new foods, go to an outdoor garden, and have a weekend with my friends,” Daley said.

Daley and Meriot both have busy summers but intend to make the most out of it which is most likely how a lot of teenagers in high school are like. The most important activity is to relax, especially after this year where everything was moving at full speed, so anywhere or anytime you can find tranquility is the place to be.

“I know for me I have a busy summer as I enter my senior year but some of my summer ideas are: finding some new clothes and spending time outside,” Meriot said.

Alyette Fialon is a dedicated soccer player and during her summer will be joining her club and school team for soccer, but she also finds it extremely important to relax despite her rigorous practice and game schedule.

“I will be spending most of my summer doing soccer but that doesn’t mean I can’t find some peace of my own. My type of relaxation for this summer might include hanging out with my friends, watching TV shows, or reading,” Fialon said.

Students who are staying local for the summer may think that there isn’t a lot to do around the DMV, however, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. One option is going on a canoeing and kayaking voyage down the Potomac River. This is perfect for a family activity where you pack a picnic, canoe or kayak to a good spot and eat! There are also many places to rent these boats such as: Fletcher’s Boat House and Boating in DC at the Key Bridge BoatHouse, both fantastic places for this activity.

Another idea is to spend a day in Washington D.C. looking at the monuments and voyaging to the unique restaurants. There are many activities to do in D.C that are perfect for a summer staycation, like going to outdoor art exhibits, doing some shopping in Georgetown, and trying to go to every major monument.

“I biked down to D.C. with my friend in the summer and we were able to take a trip around all of the cool monuments and another time, I took the metro down which was equally as fun,” Daley said.

There are also the more general things to do that always make it to every bucket list such as to spend more time with friends or go on vacation but here are a few additional ideas. The first is to step outside during a thunderstorm, if it is safe. It can be a beautiful and freeing experience.

Community service like volunteering at a library or a homeless shelter is another great way to spend your summer. It is important to note that in a bucket list, you don’t always have to be on the receiving end and oftentimes, the most joy comes from being the giver. If volunteering is not an option for you, try spreading kindness around. It is much needed, especially after this year. One way to accomplish that is by trying to put a smile on someone’s face everywhere you go.

There are lots of ways to show kindness to other people but also to yourself. Make a spa or self care day for yourself this summer and best of all treat yourself. Some activities for yourself include, drawing your dreams, writing in a journal, taking pictures of beautiful things, doing one thing that you have been putting off for a while and most importantly living on the edge like going to spend a night in the woods with your friends, learning to do something out of your comfort zone like scuba diving, eating new food or food that you don’t usually enjoy, and trying new fashion clothing trends.

This summer is all about relaxation, so take that break and reboot.

“I think it’s time we all get a well deserved break from the madness of this year…or at least I need one,” Meriot said.

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