Covid walkout calls for “juice” rejuvenation

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Photo by Josephine Meriot

Recently some WJ students left class to stage a walkout in support of virtual school, citing Covid safety. WJ students need a juice rejuvenation and pride to have the courage to come to school.

WJ brings the “juice,” more so than any high school in Montgomery County. Juice is the spirit special to WJ that students bring in sports and academia. For that very reason, it is disappointing that so many students would rather be at home in virtual school than gracing the great halls of Walter Johnson.

Students have legitimate reasons for being overwhelmed and worried about the ongoing pandemic. But other students are just plain lazy. In fact, to be brutally honest, for some students the “March for Covid Safety” was more of a “March for cheating on tests.” Some students are, in fact, eager for the possibility to sleep in and cheat on tests if there was online school.

But that has never been what “juice” is about. WJ students should strive for the challenge, the academic hurdles and the difficult road to strong grades. They should want to see their peers and teachers. They should embrace the tests where the only notes they can call on are those filed away in their brains. They should be happy to see WJ winter sports soar, for they would be paused temporarily if school went virtual.

For the students who have legitimate concerns about Covid safety, trust that vaccines and masks are effective, and the fact that Covid very rarely results in serious illness in teens (around 1 percent).

Let’s relish the opportunity to connect with our teachers and fellow classmates. Surely, many kids who are stuck doing virtual school would take our opportunity if given the chance. We have it. Let’s embrace it. WJ students, it’s time for a juice rejuvenation.