Restaurant review: Tacombi in Bethesda

Cecilia Saltzman

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The gallo quesadilla is served open so that you can see the delicious chicken and sauce inside. It was a unique way to serve a quesadilla.

Transport yourself to a Mexican beach at Bethesda’s newest restaurant, Tacombi. Large windows open to the restaurant filled with happy people eating tacos, tostadas, quesadillas and other Mexican food. The New York native restaurant opened in May and is already a hit for those looking for a fun time and good food in Bethesda Row.

Tacombi is located in the center of the bustle in downtown Bethesda, an area full of shopping and dining. The restaurant is open, bright and airy. It’s Covid and dog-friendly because of the open windows. All of the staff were extremely friendly and excited to educate us about the Tacombi experience.

We ordered our appetizers and drinks first. All juices served are made fresh daily at Tacombi. We got the agua de sandìa, which was a watermelon juice and the agua de piña, a pineapple juice. The watermelon juice was refreshing but lacking in sweetness. The pineapple juice was the perfect sweet drink for a hot summer day.

Everything at Tacombi is served family-style, meaning the food comes out when it is ready. As for our food, we started by ordering all three appetizers offered: the chips con guacamole, rice and beans and corn esquites. Although the chips and guac were slightly expensive, the serving was large. They were really good and flavorful. I’ve never had corn esquites before and they definitely didn’t disappoint. I also enjoyed the rice and beans. The rice paired well with my tacos.

For our main dishes, we ordered a variety of tacos and quesadillas. The al pastor tacos had pineapple and marinated pork. The combination of sweet and savory was enjoyable but it could have used more spice. The famous Baja crispy fish tacos lived up to the hype. The crunch of fried fish made for a delicious taco. The quesadillas are unique at Tacombi because they are served open. The Gallo quesadilla was served with marinated chicken and yummy sauce.

I enjoyed everything. Our bill was a bit pricey, but that’s pretty normal for Bethesda. If you’re looking for a fun experience and good dining with friends, Tacombi is the place.