Why celebrities endure different beauty standards


Many fans worry that their favorite celebrities are not getting fair treatment from the paparazzi. Every day new articles about scandals that celebrities have been included in emerge. Typically, the articles are about how female celebrities have had a change in appearance. Women have it harder than men do. Based on beauty standards throughout history, women are supposed to be something innocent and beautiful, very Barbie doll-like. Whenever a woman goes out of that small box of expectation, she gets a lot of criticism. Even though many women feel the pressure to be sexy, the acceptable standard for them is different from that of men. Men can be shirtless and it would be okay to show to children, but the second women show a little bit of skin, there are complaints that it’s not appropriate for children and that she is showing too much.

Julia T. Wood of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Department of Communication wrote about how media distorts women’s beauty standards. Men are portrayed in the media as “active, adventurous, powerful, and largely uninvolved in human relationships.” But women are seen as “young, thin, beautiful, passive, dependent, and often incompetent and dumb.”

Both men and women are forced to keep a certain image in order to keep up with the new trends. The problem is that in order for men to have this look they have to maintain their physical appearance by keeping an active lifestyle and a healthy diet and women have the opposite process. It is much easier and healthier for men to become their ideal appearance than for women. Men typically have to eat and work out more to bulk up, but since women have to look thinner and change things that don’t naturally change over time, they go through extreme methods of change.

In order for women to achieve their ideal appearance, they must either be born skinny and pretty or undergo various diets and surgeries to fit in. Because becoming the ideal has gotten so popular for women, there are all kinds of diets and treatments created supposedly to help. Diets such as the “all water” diet and the “one food” diet promise to help one lose a great amount of weight over a short period of time are extreme and unhealthy. For every one man there are 10 women who suffer from anorexia nervosa or bulimia nervosa.

On top of that, plastic surgery is a common procedure for women. For the people who aren’t able to obtain their ideal look and are looking for a last resort there are options such as liposuction, botox and rhinoplasty . These are dangerous procedures that could end up making the “problem” worse. Some women lose muscle control and have skin discoloration because of the procedures.

With strict foundations of what a women should be like and the media constantly convincing and critiquing celebrities to be perfect, female celebrities have to undergo much more harsh treatments than men to be perfect, and they still end up getting comments from the media because they aren’t “the ideal”. Don’t let others tell you how you are suppose to be, like yourself for who you are.