Lamb Club continues to make memorable connections

Feeling stressed or nervous about coming back to in-person school after more than a year in quarantine? It might feel good to have a supportive community to have fun with centered around lambs. The Walter Johnson Lamb club was created in May of 2021 by a few unknown students who love all things lamb. The founder is very excited with the overwhelming support whether in their Instagram content or on events that they host which has included a Lamb Club convention.

The founder is anonymous and prefers to stay that way. However, they are very active in the community and talk with a lot of people who enjoy the Lamb Club energy and environment.

“The amount of love and care we receive every day is overwhelming in the best way possible. I’m proud to say all who are part of this club constantly portray the best version of themselves, their positivity and humor are both inviting and inspiring. They motivate us to stay positive and we share the energy back,” the founder of Lamb Club said.

The club and its members hope to have another Lamb Club convention or another form of getting together, as the first one was a major success at meeting new people and having a good time.

Junior Ali Elgin is a member of the club and has been since last summer, she likes joking around with other members and the Instagram account managers.

“I just started interacting with them on Instagram because I thought they were funny and they would always message me back. So I think anyone could join the Lamb Club as long as they can joke around,” Elgin said.

Many other students, especially freshmen, like the Lamb Club because of their interesting Instagram posts and updates, which are the center of the community.

“I think that it is a fun idea and it’s cool that it is made by students and interactive through social media,” junior Ishaan Ramola said.

They have exploded with popularity within just the first two months of this school year. Yet, that wasn’t and still isn’t the founder’s main intention for the direction of the club.

“Our focus was never about how many people knew about it, it was always on being able to create memorable connections,” one of Lamb Club’s founders said.

The Walter Johnson Lamb Club is likely to be one of the most influential and unforgettable parts of student life. The true prize isn’t the popularity of it, but the people met and relationships built along the way.