The best of winter food and drinks


Photo courtesy of Starbucks

A showcase of colorful Starbucks holiday drinks. During the winter season people line up out the door to sample these sweet or bitter drinks.

Holiday season brings excitement in a myriad of ways, from dazzling lights to presents to cheerful music. An essential part of winter is the warm food and drinks that help combat the frigid weather. There’s a plethora of delights and delicacies one can enjoy to keep off the cold throughout the holidays, but there are a few to me that stand out especially.

You can’t discuss winter drinks without mentioning the most iconic: hot chocolate. The richness is the first thing you notice and it tastes like you’re drinking a chocolate bar. There are numerous ways to add on to hot chocolate, such as dropping in some marshmallows and spraying whipped cream or for a personal touch, adding a cinnamon stick.

Gingerbread men and candy canes are two desserts that are also synonymous with the holiday season. The cinnamon crunch that is followed by a sweet and spicy taste is truly a unique experience, whereas the candy cane embodies a more simple taste, though it’s still a minty and sweet treat.

While I would say these are the most relevant holiday delicacies, there are some others also worth mentioning. Eggnog, while not as popular with the current generation, is a thick, creamy drink that’ll get you in the holiday mood. Starbucks also has a wide variety of holiday drinks that get devoted fans excited. The holidays bring fun and cheer to all and gnawing on a sweet drink or treat makes the experience all the more enjoyable.