Time to BeReal

Raquel Daley

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BeReal sends this notification everyday to their users. The app has been the latest social media buzz around WJ and teenagers everywhere. Users can share photos with their friends on this app.

This cautionary notification has been calling students to their phones to capture and share a photo before time runs out.

Through TikTok and conversation, the app BeReal has gained a significant amount of users in 2022 and has now infiltrated WJ, even though it originated in 2020. Posting pictures has again been revolutionized. However, will BeReal become a social media staple, such as Instagram or Snapchat, or peril as time goes by?

With this app, users can document a moment of their day throughout each month and have access to these moments in a grid-like calendar. Every day at random times, users are notified to post one, and only one, photo to show their friends what they are up to. The thrilling time constraint of 2 minutes encourages them to post authentic pictures, unlike apps such as Instagram, where users mostly glamorize their life. It is this sense of urgency and response that makes this app appealing to teenagers.

“The notifications from BeReal keep me active on the app,” junior Hadley Brown said.

The BeReal post takes a snapshot from the back and front cameras to capture two different angles of the same moment. These are typically pictures of the user and whatever they’re doing. The app won’t allow individuals to see their friends’ pictures of the day without posting one of their own.

The privacy settings are similar to those of Snapchat, where individuals can send friend requests to people they know, while also having the option to view other online posts on the Discovery page.

“I love seeing my friends’ posts because it keeps me updated on what they’re doing. Reacting is my favorite part,” Brown said.

The app allows viewers to react to their friends’ posts by either a comment or a reaction picture accompanied by their chosen emoji. Connecting with friends and sharing photos has been made simple on yet another app. Maintaining hype on these types of social media is difficult.

I don’t think BeReal will become as popular as Instagram and Snapchat. It’s a fun app but it’s not interesting enough to stay relevant.

— sophomore Anna Zucconi

The app itself doesn’t have as much of a “wow” factor compared to other apps. The color scheme is mostly black and white and there are minimal features. However, this makes the app user friendly.

Even if users miss the window to post on the app, they can still share a picture, although they would be considered “late” in the gray text attached above the post. Along with this time indication, the app states the location of where the action occurred and space for a caption if the user chooses to write one.

“It is very easy to use BeReal. The functions are pretty self explanatory and they send regular notifications. I think anyone could have fun on the app,” freshman Charlotte Markey said.