The inside scoop on the College and Career Center

Kayla Kahrl

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Photo by Kayla Kahrl

Ms. Evans shows senior Sophie Difrank information on the college she’s planning on attending. Evans is always willing to lend a hand when it comes to finding the job or college that’s right for you.

At this time of year there’s an endless flow of seniors going in and out of the College and Career Center as they attempt to meet all of their impending college application deadlines. While the name of the center is pretty self-explanatory, many students don’t know who it’s for and how to use it. The name of the center leads many students to believe that the center is only for seniors because they are the ones turning in college applications and getting jobs.  

“I’ve never gone to the college and career center but I’m pretty sure it’s where a bunch counselors help seniors find colleges and careers. It’s mostly just for seniors and maybe some juniors who are trying to get ahead,” sophomore Mila Pekar said.

    This is actually not true and students from all grade levels can use the center for a wide range of subjects. The center is run by Gayle Evans, who has stocked it full of resources for students to use. Many of the resources available could be used to pass an upcoming AP exam or find SSL opportunities around the WJ community. Students can also begin applying for scholarships as early as freshman year, so even those daunting college books aren’t off limits to underclassmen.

Evans is committed to making sure that every student is prepared for their next stage of life.

“Any student can come for college visits, check out AP books, research job opportunities and find out about SSL opportunities. We have all kinds of books on how to write college apps, information about scholarships around the country and guides on how to study for the SAT, ACT and AP exams,” Evans said.

Senior Holly Darby was a frequent visitor in the center during her junior year and as a result was prepared to face the college application process her senior year.

“I’ve gone to get my transcript fixed, ask questions about my college applications, find internships and go to college visits. I go all the time because it’s so fun and Ms. Evans is super friendly,” Darby said.

The center is located near the clock, right across from the counseling office. It’s covered in fliers from colleges around the country and schedules for all the different admissions counselors who are planning to visit WJ so it’s very hard to miss.