Senior section sparks disputes with juniors

Callie Metzman

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Photo courtesy of Zach Cannon

During football games, the seniors and juniors all cram together in the senior section. Seniors have repeatedly told juniors to wait their turn.

From the moment freshmen enter high school, they dream about becoming seniors. But playing the waiting game can get hard, especially for the class of 2021. One of the perks that comes with seniority is running the student section during sports games. Seniors wait for the moment when they can stand in the front and lead the cheers, but the junior class can’t wait either.

Conflict has arisen between juniors and seniors over the lack of space in the student section and the alleged lack of respect juniors show their upperclassmen.

Senior class President Colleen Besche takes initiative in trying to give the seniors their time to shine during football games.

“I’m really glad the juniors are showing up and bringing spirit, but there is a whole bunch of other space where they can sit,” Besche said.

For seniors, it’s not only about the juniors taking over the student section, but more about the lack of respect they show for the class above them. Many seniors agree that what makes them mad about the whole situation is the big ego the juniors show for their school and towards the seniors.

“I have a sense of responsibility for the senior section and when the juniors curse and say inappropriate things, I get looks from [Principal] Baker,” Besche said.

Senior James Kinsella agrees with Besche about the lack of respect.

“[The juniors] they have been getting wild and I think that they should continue, but this conflict is necessary. We want them to keep that, but they have to be respectful about letting seniors in the student section. Next year they are going to want it to be more exclusive if juniors do the same stuff,” Kinsella said.

The juniors seem to have a different view on the matter. For most of the juniors, having fun is the number one priority, not trying to take over the senior section.

“We just want to make the student section louder. It’s not about being overly involved, we just want to have fun,” junior Liam Levine said.

Other juniors seem to agree with Levine and don’t see games as a way to start “beef” with the senior class. They just want to show their school spirit and cheer on the football team.

“Football games are about showing your spirit for the school. It’s not the intention of the juniors to override the senior section,” junior Samy Lalouani said.

Although the juniors affirm they have no intention to take over the senior section, there is rising tension that both sides feel\; however, juniors agree that the seniors have taken it to another level.

Lalouani agrees with Levine that the seniors are being overdramatic.

“I think the seniors are the ones making unnecessary drama. We should unite and create a unified student section,” Lalouani said.

Both seniors and juniors agree that the ultimate goal is to bring everyone together. The two classes agree that there is tension between them, but want to come together in the end.

“I’ve definitely noticed the conflict that has arisen, and I can understand both sides and both perspectives on the issue, but I think it’s time to unify both grades and appreciate the craziness of the juniors but also respecting the senior class,” senior and SGA Vice President Teddy New said.