Abundance of PDA disturbs the school environment

Aya Hesham

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Two students steal time to rekindle their romance. While this choice is favored by the couple, not all passer-bys appreciate the PDA.

You’re walking to math class with your friend when you pass by that couple who is always together in the hallway. His arm is wrapped around her waist, they’re whispering in each other’s ears and then passionately kiss. You and your friend look at each other with discomfort. You wonder, how do they feel so comfortable full-on making out in the hallway while students, teachers and others walk by?

With 35% of teens having experience in a romantic relationship and 19% being in one right now according to the US Department of Health and Human Services, so much is publicized, but why? Some things are better left in privacy, behind closed doors.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with certain romantic acts such as hand-holding, a kiss goodbye or a hug. Some people love getting affection from their significant other, but how much is too much? Some people cross boundaries and will be smooching in the hallway or going into the gender neutral bathroom and having quick love-making sessions, while some students find it uncomfortable.

Many students are just trying to walk to class without seeing the same couple making out in the hallways. Oftentimes, students feel uncomfortable and feel as if they are intruding on a private moment, but at the same time it is not the students’ fault they are intruding.

When it comes to kissing, it’s fine to peck your significant other goodbye or something casual, but you shouldn’t be smooching to the point where you’re on top of each other. We need to remember that everyone is in the same place so it’s important to respect the fact that not everyone wants to see you love-making.

PDA is tolerated here at WJ, but to what extent? Teachers and other staff will see students all over each other but seem to turn a blind eye unless it has become overly sexual. Previously, there have been consequences for too much PDA, but those consequences are now absent.

Some students can’t see their significant other much outside of school, but once they have been seen making out with someone in the hallway, they’ll be known as that couple who can’t keep it in their pants.

High school relationships can be good. They teach you how to prepare for future relationships and help you mature emotionally, but it is important to understand that not everyone wants to see everything happening. Some things are just better to do behind closed doors—or just not at school. It is important to understand that not everyone is comfortable seeing PDA, so if you feel like you’re crossing boundaries, you should just save it for later.