Keller Wins Girls’ 1600m

Keller runs in the 1600m meet of the State Championship.

courtesy of MoCoRunning

Keller runs in the 1600m meet of the State Championship.

WJ is now the home of an indoor track state champion.

Junior Kiernan Keller placed first in the Girls’ 1600m at the State Championships at the PG Sportsplex on Feb. 18. Keller ran a 5:07.39 to clinch the title.

Keller did nott know how far she could go because she started the season off with an injury. But as she healed, she saw that the state title was a possibility.

“There are so many great runners that we compete against, so I knew that if I gave everything I had during my race, I had a chance to improve my time and/or win,” said Keller. “My coaches, my teammates and my parents are all huge supporters of me and have helped me to be where I am today. They are a huge part of my success and I am very lucky to be supported by so many.”

Tom Martin, one of the indoor track coaches, was impressed by Keller’s comeback.

“[Keller] spent the first half of the season getting treatment for an injured calf muscle,” said Martin. “She wasn’t able to start full training until the second week of January, so to accomplish what she did on a shortened training schedule is tribute to her toughness and dedication. She is always positive and a very good teammate.”

Keller looks forward to continuing to run for WJ.

“For the future, I hope to continue to improve and do everything I can to become a better runner,” said Keller.