Athlete profile: Lacrosse standout Luke Dentel

Matt Roman

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Luke Dentel prepares for a faceoff on the wing in a home game against Wooton HS on May 14.

Luke Dentel prepares for a faceoff on the wing in a home game against Wooton HS on May 14.

“YOU’RE MINE” is a common phrase an opposing attackman may hear when matching up with Walter Johnson star lacrosse player Luke Dentel. Dentel is fearless on the turf and is vocal about it as well. Oftentimes, during box lacrosse games, Dentel would yell things at opposing players, or scare them during a pivotal moment. He has been known to break people’s shafts while they’re trying to ride him due to his strength and aggression. His strength shows up in competition, he once even beat me in arm wrestling. This strength causes opposing attackmen to shudder in fear, and in practice, causes teammates some distress as well.

“Luke’s mean ;(“ said senior Walter Johnson attackman Jacob Dincin. Dincin is likely referring to the checks that Dentel throws in practice, which cause welts and bruises that last for days. He likes to let it all out on the turf, but he says it’s not just a game.

“Lax is a lifestyle u gotta know how to rock the vineyard and slam chew,” said Dentel, referencing Vineyard Vines apparel and his mouthguard. Vineyard Vines apparel is crucial to any lacrosse players wardrobe, and Dentel takes this to heart.

It is so crucial that the Premier Lacrosse League, where Dentel will be playing in a few years, recently signed a contract with Vineyard Vines, which likely consisted of “Yo it’d be dope if you guys could rip cheddar while wearing our t-shirts” in the contract. The mouthguard is also a crucial part of the game, as according to numerous studies, they are crucial for dental health and for Dentel’s health.

Although he initially started his high school career as a middie, Dentel switched to close defense after a wrist injury his sophomore year. Although Dentel can no longer rip top cheddar stick side bardownski, he now has the ability to prevent other people from doing so on his goalie, something that Dentel values strongly, as do his fellow defensemen.

“My boy Luke is absolutely goofy and it’s sick when we absolutely yardsale the opps on BCC,” said fellow close defenseman Patrick Adams. Yardsaling opps is a major part of both Dentel and Adams’ repertoire, and the caused turnovers benefit the whole team. Although the Wildcats likely won’t be playing much defense this year due to star FOGO Matthew Roman’s absolute dominance at the X, it is refreshing for the whole team to know that Dentel is back to help in a defensive situation.
Next year, Dentel will be attending college, but has not yet decided on where he will end up. He believes that lacrosse will continue to be a part of his life and is excited to see where the journey will take him.