The guide to the perfect gift


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The best part of the holidays is watching your family members open a gift that means a lot to them! Use the gift guide to find the perfect gift.

The holidays are quickly arriving and that means giving gifts. Everyone likes getting gifts, but giving the perfect gift for someone you care about can be a real struggle. Here is a guide that can make your gift giving a piece of cake.

Stocking Stuffers:

Christmas morning starts by cracking open what’s inside your stocking stuffer. This gift can be small, knick knacks and gadgets your family or friends will love. Here are some ideas:

Face Masks, $2-$5
Gift Cards, below $50
Fuzzy Socks, $3-$5
Phone Case, $10-$20

Secret Santa/White Elephant:

From personal experience, these fun holiday activities are one of the most stressful gift giving situations. It’s hard to find a good gift for an unknown person, or a gift anyone would like. Here are some classic gifts that can’t go wrong:

Fuzzy Blanket, $15.98 (Amazon)
Hydro flask Water Bottle, $29.95
Visa Gift Card, below $50
Bluetooth Speaker, $23.99 (Amazon)


Your family and friends deserve a gift that is one on the pricier side. Pick one or two people that are really special to you to give a big gift to. Below are items not to spend on every one of your friends or every family member:

Mini Portable Instant Printer, $84.40 (Amazon)
Air Pods, $159
Jewelry, price varies
LuluLemon clothing, price varies

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