BREAKING NEWS: Video of MCPS students chanting racial slurs go viral


Brynn Blizzard, Opinion Editor

A video of Robert Frost Middle School students chanting racial slurs on a school bus has gone viral.

The racial slurs were caught on video by an African American student who immediately sent the video to her dad. The girl’s father, B. Jamar Long, posted the video on Facebook where it has received over 170,000 views and over 10,000 shares.

In addition to the video, Long posted, “So our daughter had to experience racism today on her school bus from Robert Frost Middle School in Montgomery County MD. They are singing 1,2,3,4 how many n****** are in my store. I am outraged and I refuse to let this slide. Please help me make this viral. Repost everywhere!”

The chant they were singing originated in a famous Vine that a black man made in order to expose a store owner for exhibiting racist behaviors.

Frost principal Dr. Joey Jones sent a letter home with students Wednesday, Sept. 21, offering a response to the incident. In the letter Dr. Jones apologizes and states how the incident does not reflect the school’s values. He later requests the students and school community to “use this as a teachable moment for our community.”

MCPS is still investigating this issue.