Students Protest Trump By Walking Out Of Class


During lunch and at the start of fifth period on Tuesday, WJ students participated in a walkout to protest the policies and political agenda of new President-elect Donald Trump. Students even carried signs as they sat in the stadium bleachers chanting “not my president.”

“I’m here more to moderate what’s going on,” SGA President senior Abe Kim said. “These people aren’t here to impeach him [Trump] but rather address the racism that’s been perpetuated by his campaign.”

In addition to going to the bleachers to protest, even more students went into Washington D.C. Senior Chuck Thompson was one of those students going downtown.

“I want to meet some new people and have my voice heard,” Thompson said.

Senior Andrew Burklow supported the protests for their ability to publicize citizens’ objections to Trump.

“These people are being active and and raising awareness. You can’t just sit at home and do nothing. I think it’s a positive thing,” he said.

Though there was a sizable group that walked out, not all students thought that the protests were beneficial. Freshman Amir Azadikhah said he didn’t think the protests were productive.

“Honestly I have nothing against Trump,” Azadikhah said. “He is our President and I don’t think fighting it will do anything. And I don’t think protesting will change that. I understand why they’re protesting, but he hasn’t done anything as president.”

Principal Jennifer Baker showed up to supervise the protest, but did not force the students to go back to class.

“Most of our students aren’t old enough to vote and weren’t able to participate fully,” Baker said. “This is a way students can voice their opinion. I think people just want to know that they’re being heard.”