Yoga classes take field trip


Sierra Zielske, Staff Writer

The yoga for athletes classes took a field trip on November 9, a half day, to a positive, nourishing environment in North Bethesda called extendYoga. This studio claims that it helps people physically, emotionally, mentally and even spiritually.

Hot yoga, formally known as “Bikram yoga” is usually performed through various poses in a studio room that can be as hot as 92°, 105° or even hotter, paired with high humidity.  Hot yoga is not for everybody – the heat can be too much for some, so it’s usually for people who can handle the heat while enjoying it and challenging themselves.

Hot yoga is very beneficial to athletes interested in stretching their muscles and improving their flexibility.  

“The warmth and the heat loosens their tight muscles, which makes them more flexible and the heat makes them sweat all the toxins out of their body,” WJ yoga teacher, Janice Cornell said.

The field trip benefited student-athletes and taught them about their bodies which can help them later on when they play their sports.

Many of Cornell’s students had different favorite parts of the trip, but she has a specific thing that she thought was interesting.

“Just watching the kids experience hot yoga for the first time,” Cornell said was her favorite part of the trip.

Cornell has a heart for her students and makes sure they learn as much as they can about the yoga class they are taking and to be healthy.

“Ms. Cornell is chill and has a lot of patience when she teaches. Also, she teaches different stretches based on students preferences and gives us a chance to relax whenever she can,” one of the students who went on the trip, senior Jeffrey Wan said.

A lot of the yoga classes are full every year because the students are interested to know how to stretch their mind and body. Knowing this, Cornell is always on her feet and tries hard to get trips like this for her students.

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