Sources of Strength club hosts “Love Yourself” day


Ally Orndorff, Editor-In-Chief

WJ Sources of Strength (SOS) launched its latest campaign on Valentine’s Day, with the central theme “Love Yourself.” The WJ chapter of the national Sources of Strength organization was formed in 2015, with the mission of helping prevent suicide, violence, bullying and substance abuse by helping and strengthening the student body.

Videos and posters were seen around the school leading up to the kickoff of the campaign.

“The idea of the campaign is really just to promote being there for yourself… but you have to know how to be there for yourself as well, and that all comes down to loving yourself,” Sources of Strength Video Committee Captain Noam Yanay said.

Operation “Love Yourself” involved Sources of Strength members walking around throughout the day handing out red foam hearts that were meant to bring smiles to passing students. A make-your-own Valentine station was set up by the counseling office, allowing students to stop by and make a Valentine for themselves or a loved one; participants received a piece of candy for participating. In addition, a banner was set up near the main office where students wrote down why they loved themselves.

Students enjoyed partaking in these activities and getting the chance to focus on themselves.

“Making a Valentine lightened up my mood…it was a great experience,” senior Adriana Marroquin said.

Sources of Strength members truly noticed the change their campaign was making.

“With certain people, I could tell we made a difference in how they viewed themselves, and many people were taken aback when we asked them to create a card saying something they liked about themselves,” junior Erin Houton, WJ’s SOS director of social media, said.

Although the campaign was successful, WJ Sources of Strength is far from finished and will continue to promote positivity around the school.

“Many people still don’t take sources of strength seriously and we are on a mission to prove our worth and dedication to WJ… this campaign was small, but was an important step in the right direction,” Houton said.