Alleged Damascus child abusers lose custody of two children over YouTube videos

Jake Brown, Sports Editor

A couple of of weeks ago, Youtubers Mike and Heather Martin were accused of child abuse after being called out by fellow Youtuber Philip DeFranco. The Martins posted videos punching, pushing, screaming and finding ways to make their kids cry for entertainment and posting the videos online.

The Frederick County Police are now looking into the family after they made many many videos private on their Youtube channel,, DaddyOFive.

In a recent article by the BBC, the family reportedly lost custody of two of their five children, including their child Cody,, who was the butt of the jokes in their videos, and the most tortured throughout their time on Youtube.

“Emma and Cody are with me,” said a CPS spokesperson in a recent YouTube video. “They’re getting back to their playful selves.”

In a recent video, the family poured ink on Cody’s bedroom floor and blamed him for the mess, screaming and swearing at him.

The original apology video included the Martins blaming DeFranco for defaming them and saying that the videos were fake, but Frederick County Police now say that they were not.

The DaddyOFive parents still have their apology video up and it’s garnered over three million views. The Martins have not released an official statement about losing custody.