Girls’ softball concludes their season

Lilli Konicoff

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March 8, 2019

Senior captain Jessica Kaplan tosses the ball to one of her teammates. Softball finished with a 3-7 record this season. Photo courtesy of Lifetouch Studios.

The spring season of girls varsity softball is coming to an end.

This season the team went 8-3. Half of their team was new, and they had a new coach. The adjustments may have been difficult because of these changes.

The team is losing five seniors this year including senior captains Olivia Kunkle and Jessica Kaplan.

Coach Richard Carter said that the team has worked really well together this season and have greatly improved the last few months. In order to improve in the future, the team will be focusing on technique while training in the off season so the players come back strong.

The girls are going to be working on many things during the offseason and coming back next year confident that their hard work and commitment will develop into a winning program,” Carter said.

According to Kaplan, one of the greatest strengths of the team is that they don’t give up. Their communication skills on the field are improving, but they need to improve on technique skills and commitment.

“My favorite thing about being captain was having the opportunity to to be a leader and help the softball team improve, and be ready for next year,” Kaplan said.

“I really enjoyed being captain with [Kaplan},” Kunkle said. “I’ll miss yelling ‘Cats on three!’”

The softball team really enjoyed working together. They improved most on being able to communicate, and really work well together.

“The best part about coaching is seeing the players have fun. There are small moments that happen all the time that will be remembered fondly” Carter said. “Athletics is a great way for young people to gain confidence and the ability to work in groups and develop a sense of responsibility and self-worth.”