Students celebrate winter spirit week

Lindsey Rothenstein

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The week of winter pep rally is always a fun one. Holiday cheer fills up the halls of WJ as students and faculty gear up for an unforgettable season of winter sports. This past spirit week, some believe, was one of the best they’ve ever seen.

WJ kicked off the week with Pajama Day. Students and teachers alike showed up to school with their eye masks, slippers and onesies. A new spirit, Swinter, debuted on Tuesday. Less students than anticipated dressed up for this spirit.

“Swinter was a very challenging spirit and everyone looks stupid doing it,” senior and SGA president Corey Criss said. “I enjoyed doing it because I like looking stupid in school, but most people aren’t into that.”

Spirit participation increased on Wednesday during Ugly Sweater Day. From sweater themes “Fleece Navidad” to “Bah Humbug,” many were eager to display their holiday joy. On Thursday, Flannel Day, students did not disappoint as a large number of people arrived in their favorite flannels.

“Flannel day was by far the best spirit. Most people already have flannels in their closet, so it was super easy for everyone to participate,” junior Kayla Grande said.

Spirit was at its week-long high at Friday’s pep rally, where everyone, especially seniors, bled their class colors.  Freshman wore red, sophomores wore white, juniors wore black and seniors wore green. From the wrestling team’s annual push-up contest to performances by cheer, poms and the step team, everyone had a blast at the pep rally.

“I had a lot of fun performing with the poms team in my first pep rally. I also loved watching the seniors do their chant and getting each other hyped up. It made me really excited for the years to come,” freshman Olivia Cardoni said.