Montgomery College class review

Sophie Becker

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Seniors Polly Litts, Lauren Kane, Keren Peter and Mel Mader present a comprehensive research project on bell times at schools. The classes took part in multiple projects of similar nature throughout the semester.

As a senior at WJ, there are inevitable freedoms; a driver’s license, leaving the school year earlier and having more control over your schedule are just some of the new privileges. This also includes the option to experience taking a college level course at Montgomery College. MC offers International Relations and Human Communications for first semester, and Introduction to Business as well as Introduction to Abnormal Psychology for second semester. Students take these classes during their first and second period time slot in the library conference room. Unlike full-time WJ students, seniors who take MC classes do have semester finals, and the classes are only held twice a week.

Polly Litts is one of those seniors lucky enough to get into an MC class; she is taking Human Communications and has loved the experience so far. Human communications teaches students about the changing digital world in relation to how humans communicate, or are not communicating with each other.

“It was a relatively small [class] with probably around 20 people,” Litts said. The class size helps students new to a lecture-style class get comfortable with their classmates.

“The biggest takeaway was definitely helping me become a better public speaker as well as gaining college experience.”

The class is set up as follows: a syllabus is given to the students, many projects are done either as a group or as a solo project and then the final project counts as the final exam.

“[Taking this class] helped me realize how different college and high school are, by only having a syllabus to remind me of deadlines and the main objectives of projects and assignments,” said Litts.

Senior Corey Criss decided not to take an MC class this year because he moved to WJ during his sophomore year and was unaware it was an option.

“There is zero advertisement for taking MC classes in the WJ halls besides one sign I just saw yesterday. I didn’t have room to take an MC class anyway because I moved, so my schedule has required classes that mostly freshmen take,”  Criss said.

Senior Keenan Lange had a different reason for not taking an MC class; he has a very full schedule of other classes.

“I didn’t take one because I have seven other classes I have to take, whoops,” Lange said.

Some seniors, like Criss, have more required classes they need to take before graduation, whereas Lange was only interested in taking classes at WJ. Seniors have been taking advantage of MC classes for years, and it continues to be a popular option for students who want to challenge themselves and get the experience of a college seminar before going off to a new university or college.