Governor Larry Hogan should run for president


Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Maryland governor Larry Hogan is being pushed to run for president in 2020. Hogan recently won reelection in the 2018 midterms.

As shown by the recent shutdown, the US is currently in a time of extreme party polarization. Republicans hate on Democrats, and Democrats hate on Republicans. With the two major parties refusing to work together, many Americans are beginning to search and call for third party or centrist candidates who will help keep the country from completely falling apart. One of the politicians being called to join the race is Maryland’s own, Governor Larry Hogan.  After recently being re-elected in the deep-blue state of Maryland, Hogan, a Republican, is drawing nationwide attention and pressure to challenge President Trump as the Republican nominee in the 2020 presidential election.

Should Hogan run, and beat President Trump to become the Republican nominee, the Democratic nominee will probably have to either be a radical leftist or even more centrist than Hogan in order to beat him. This isn’t to say that Hogan is perfect, and let’s be real – no matter if someone’s a Republican or Democrat, they’re human. However, Hogan is not only a strong supporter of bipartisanship, he also delivers on his promises to reinforce it, leaning right on certain issues and left on others.

While Hogan himself is pro-life, he isn’t creating any regulations or laws against abortion in Maryland. Similar to former US president Barack Obama, Hogan’s former opinion that LGBTQ+ couples should not be allowed to get married has changed, and he now supports same sex marriage equality. Hogan is also not endorsed by the NRA, unlike many other Republicans. On the other hand, Hogan likes tax cuts and does not support Syrian refugee resettlement (in Maryland). He differentiates himself from politicians on both the left and right by not hesitating to criticize both parties when need be or refusing to work with someone just because they are a Democrat.

It is this kind of bipartisanship that the country desperately needs in our three branches of government. Hogan himself said that the people in Washington should “Watch what we’re doing”, referring to the consistent crossing over between Democratic and Republican politicians in Maryland. Clearly, if the majority blue people of Maryland can work together with and support their Republican governor and other red counterparts, then so can the politicians of DC. And, should he choose to run, Hogan could be a great candidate to lead our country in that direction.