MCPS Assistant Principal charged with second DWI, may face jail time


Photo courtesy of Fox 5.

Maniya Jules was recently put on administrative leave after being charged with a second DWI. Jules used to be an Assistant Principal at Tilden Middle School, one of the feeder middle schools into WJ.

Former Tilden Middle School assistant principal and current Damascus High School assistant principal Maniya Jules was charged with a DWI on March 21. Jules was placed on personal leave on April 1. This is not Jules’ first DWI, as she was first charged with one back in May 2017, eventually pleading guilty and was forced to pay multiple fines.

Jules was pulled over by police on Tuckerman Lane and eventually arrested. She attempted to drive with two flat tires. Jules allegedly refused to perform sobriety tests and did not agree to a breathalyzer test. She was charged with multiple drunk driving counts and had her driver’s license restricted. The altercation was caught on police body cameras; however, footage has yet to be released.

Damascus High School’s Principal Casey Crouse addressed the situation in an email to parents and teachers.

The purpose of this message is to inform you that Ms. Maniya Jules, assistant principal of Damascus High School, will be on extended personal leave, beginning today, April 1, 2019,” Crouse said. “We are in the process of identifying a qualified professional to act in her role while she is on leave.”

Senior Kristina Gillespie knew Jules as her Assistant Principal at Tilden Middle School and is very disappointed in Jules’ actions.

“It’s so weird to [think] that she was a role model for me at Tilden because she clearly is not fit to be one,” Gillespie said. “Drunk driving is no joke and the fact that this is her second one really makes me lose faith in people’s willingness to fix their problems.”

Jules is set to go on trial on May 20 in Montgomery County District Court.

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