SGA spreads school spirit at fall pep rally

Lily Salvatore

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Photo courtesy Olivia McBerry

SGA President Jacqueline Moss leads the traditional seniors chant to begin the pep rally, while the other members of the SGA try to pump up the crowd.

The first pep rally of the year is one of the most anticipated events of the fall season for many students at WJ. This was the first outdoors pep rally since fall 2017, as last year’s pep rally was indoors due to inclement weather. The crowd, decked out in their class colors, roared as the various sports teams were introduced. As students filed into the bleachers, the SGA prepared to run their first pep rally.

The SGA pumped up the crowd prior to the introduction of the teams with their high energy. SGA secretary, Austin Mucchetti, opened the pep rally with the WJ tradition of banging on the drum as the student section clapped along. SGA President Jacqui Moss yelled over the noisy crowd as she introduced herself to the students. To the SGA’s surprise, midway through their introduction, the microphone abruptly cut off and stopped working, making it hard for the crowd to understand what the officers were saying. This issue continued through the entirety of the pep rally, leaving many team captains upset that the crowd could not hear their team announcements.

“The microphone was choppy, so it was hard to introduce our seniors and announce our next home game,” senior boys’ varsity soccer captain Baasil Saleh said.

The SGA was nothing short of spirited when it came to cheering on each of the teams as they walked the field and they tried to excite the crowd at every chance they got.

The lineup of the pep rally was cross country, girls’ volleyball, girls’ field hockey, cheer, boys’ football, girls’ soccer, boys’ soccer and the poms team. Some of the teams dressed up in costumes as well.

It is a common occurrence for freshman to wear a fun and bold costume chosen by the seniors. Freshman Kate Ashenback, who plays on varsity field hockey, enjoyed walking the field in her freshman costume.

“I didn’t feel embarrassed during the pep rally. It was really funny how I was wearing a big box that said discovery channel and I liked being a part of it,“ Ashenback said.

Per usual, the poms team’s signature move sparked anticipation and energy in the crowd. Before they even walked on the field to perform, students were already chanting from the bleachers for the team to do the snake.

“It can get a little annoying when people chant for the snake because they only pay attention to that part of the dance and not all the other pieces that we worked so hard on, but it is still fun when everyone goes crazy during the performance,” junior poms co-captain Lilly Belt said.

With the great spirit of the SGA, an enthusiastic student body, funny costumes and an exciting performance by poms, the pep rally managed to be a success, even in spite of the technical difficulties.