The Other Wildcat Volume IV: Key Club

Danis Cammett

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The Walter Johnson Key Club is a club that grants WJ scholars opportunities in leadership and community service. Most WJ students are familiar with Key Club, as they are mentioned quite often because of events they skillfully assemble. But then again, many are unaware of the club’s background and how these events come into fruition.

Every other Thursday, Key Club meets to discuss their next moves in the world of community service.

The club values the honor of service, as they are known for organizing magnificent events like the senior citizen luncheon and the candygram distribution. Club meetings are an excellent opportunity for students to earn SSL hours as each meeting is counted as a chance to earn the hours.

Senior officer Maya Sachs describes Key Club’s openness as the club asks members to put in effort in organizing and getting ideas together for the next form of community service the club will take on.

“We talk about events we’ve done in the past, and talk about anything we want to do in the future,” Sachs said.

Key Club grounds itself with a freedom of expression and thinking as Sachs says much of the meetings are spent discussing future organized service activities. Co-President Taylor Kelly adds to this.

“It’s unique in the fact that we just try to help our community and it’s not necessarily one topic in particular, it can be a range of topics,” Kelly said.

The club very much values and identifies with the service they conduct, finding the benefits of helping out as enjoyable as the action. Senior Officer Sonika Sharma describes this feeling of accomplishment and goodwill.

“When everyone joins forces, we can get a lot accomplished, especially [during] the senior luncheon. Planning [the senior luncheon takes] a lot of time and coming to see how nice it is and how everyone is enjoying is a great feeling,” Sharma said.

Key Club displays itself as a club valuing public service, showing itself as an exceptional gift in the WJ community due to its dignified contributions to WJ. Although not many students notice the actions of Key Club, they will continue with their limitless amount of deeds.