What to get your special someone for Valentine’s Day

Molly Benson

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Photo courtesy of Flickr.com

Photo courtesy of Flickr Cupcakes and a bouquet of roses is a fun to celebrate with a loved one

With Valentine’s Day coming up, students are searching their nearest Targets for a gift for their special someone. Valentine’s Day is a special time of year where people can truly support their loved ones. It’s important to show your significant other how much you appreciate them, and in many cases, a perfect Valentine’s Day gift is the way to go.

For an easy and simple gift, a fan favorite would be a box of chocolates. This is a sweet gesture (pun intended) and doesn’t require a lot of thought.

Another easy gift would be a simple but romantic bouquet of flowers. Whether roses or orchids, flowers are always a cute and heartwarming gift for your significant other.

Something a little bit more sentimental and time-consuming could be creating a scrapbook or small picture book filled with different memories of you and your partner. This is sure to woo your partner and impress them with your loving personality and hard work.

Another idea could be a teddy bear. You could go simple and buy one of these stuffed animals at a CVS or Safeway, or you could go the fun ten yards and personalize it. Although it may seem childish, there are shops such as Build-A-Bear Workshop and others that can help people create the most specific and personal stuffed animals as gifts.

While these traditional gifts may please, consider something a bit more special. The perfect Valentine’s Day present to give would be planning a romantic day including a date or activity with your partner. It could be going to a restaurant, going ice skating or watching a sweet movie, but putting in the effort and creating a special day for your girlfriend or boyfriend is the best gift anyone could ask for.